Does mothers day always fall on a Sunday?

Does mothers day always fall on a Sunday?

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Mother’s Day is a special day of celebration and appreciation for all the wonderful mothers around the world. Every year, people across the globe take the time to thank their mothers for all their love and support. But does Mother’s Day always fall on a Sunday?

The short answer is yes – In the US, Mother’s Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May since 1914. That’s when President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday in the United States. Since then, most countries around the world have adopted the same Sunday for their own Mother’s Day celebrations.

However, there are a few exceptions. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, International Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This day is also known as Mothering Sunday, which is a traditional celebration of mothers.
In Thailand and India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different day or even a different month than in the United States. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12th and in India it falls on the fourth Sunday of May.

No matter when it’s celebrated, Mother’s Day is always a special day for honouring the mothers in our lives. Whether you’re sending a card, a gift, or simply saying “Thank You”, take the time to recognize all the hard work and love your mother gives you. She deserves it!

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