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Located in the North West of England, Manchester is a city with a rich industrial heritage.  Once known as 'Cottonopolis' it was the international centre of the world's cotton industry.  At the peak of the industrial revolution, Manchester imported almost a billion tonnes of cotton a year to be worked on by the many cotton mills within the city and surrounding areas.  However, as more cotton mills opened up in the surrounding areas there was a decline in mills within the city and Manchester's reputation changed to one of a financial and commercial centre.  This reputation was boosted by the many warehouses built within the city centre, this was well over 1800 warehouse's thus dubbing Manchester 'Warehouse city'.

Today Manchester is still shaped by cotton with around 5000 people employed within the textile industry.  Although Manchester's past can still be seen in the many buildings dotted throughout the city.  the once used cotton mills and warehouses have now been converted and are used as flats or offices can can be seen on almost every corner of the city's streets.

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