The lifespan of your Tee

The lifespan of your Tee

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In a world where clothing is more 'disposable', due to the ever increasing demand for low-cost clothing, improving the lifespan of items within your wardrobe can help to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable fashion industry.  Of course your T-shirt or Hoodie won't last forever, but you can make your Tees and Hoodies last for longer by following a few simple steps.  Avoid over-washing your garments as overtime laundry detergents can damage the fabric fibres leading to your colours fading.  When you do wash your Tees and Hoodies turn them inside out which will in turn protect any prints that are on the fabrics.  Also wash your fabrics at lower temperatures so that you save energy.  By following these simple steps you will not only improve the lifespan of your clothing but save energy and lower your carbon footprint.



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