Clean Beaches Week 2022

Clean Beaches Week 2022

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Also known as the 'Earth Day' for beaches, Clean Beaches week runs annually from the 1st July until the 7th July.  Established by the Clean Beaches Coalition it aims to promote clean and healthy beaches around the world by organising events to clean the beaches up.

It is estimated that around 14 Trillion Tonnes of rubbish ends up in our oceans every year with a lot of this washing up on our beaches.  This rubbish can have a devastating impact on the many marine species that live around our coastline from harmful injuries right through to the death of an animal through drowning. 

As a population we need to do more to preserve our coastlines and by using some simple steps we can all do our bit;

  1. Leave no trace - whatever you bring the the beach please take home with you
  2. Don't tread on the dunes - use a walkover rather than the actual dune itself in order to preserve this habitat
  3. Respect the Ocean - remember the ocean can be dangerous and it is quite easy to get caught out by a riptide and put yourself in danger

You can also attend one of many beach clean events and help to clear away washed up rubbish from the beach.  In doing so you can help to ensure that we have clean beaches for all to enjoy and make sure that the habitats of many marine species are safe for them for years to come.



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